The lady in red

I love sketching. Though I don't do it very often. This one's the latest..   I thought to colour it. And there was no better option than RED ! Red is just worth it . Every lady looks great in it!  


Being a girl ğŸ‘¸

I tell you , She's weirder than you ; From her painted nails , To those stories and those tales ; Be it her sense to smell, Or her potential to yell ; She has an upper hand , Her uniqueness is planned ; You ought to be blamed if she fails, Wanna protest ?... Continue Reading →

A Letter to us

To Man , He, who seeks more and more... Whose misfortunes have now , no cure ; I feel there's no use to remind you, The disasters of which you've no clue ; He, who rules over land and the moon... To the oceans and the sky, He thinks he's a boon. I warn you,... Continue Reading →

The conversation

' But, it interests me more...' --said the little red organ . 'Maybe, but it can't fetch you money .' --said the complex folded structure . " Is life all about money ? Why do you take all decisions alone? Am I here only to pump blood ? " " I have abilities to think... Continue Reading →

Is love our purest emotion..?

To, everything I love... --- " I do it for a reason. " My  choices vary; every month, every season . Maybe, we grew up together , Or maybe you raised me; Those feelings are conditional ,even if your eyes were the first who gazed me... Deep inside in my heart , I somehow know it.... Continue Reading →

I have three faces to show…

I have three faces to show.. One is known to the world. Analogous to them . Formal gestures & polite words . Thinks what they think. Speaks what they speak . Acts as they please. Easy going & never frowns. Perfectly perfect & never drowns.   I have three faces to show.. Second is known... Continue Reading →

Colors or no colors ?

Sometimes I think , why do I get so enchanted by vibrant and bright colors . I'm no exception though . Who doesn't love them ? They're beautiful ! How would the world look like , without them ? Surprisingly , all those seven colors of a rainbow combine in the form of light to form something... Continue Reading →

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