The conversation

‘ But, it interests me more…’

–said the little red organ .

‘Maybe, but it can’t fetch you money .’

–said the complex folded structure .

” Is life all about money ?

Why do you take all decisions alone?

Am I here only to pump blood ? ”

” I have abilities to think and analyze .

Haven’t you heard — The Boss is always right…? ”

“At least give it a thought… Wait…Don’t ignore me…Hello ! Are you there….?? ”

Four decades passed. The conversation began again…

“Hey… You plump little creature..!

Help me..! Are you alive ??

No memories flash before me..

I can just see lots of wealth around.

Is there any solution to it?

Life is what I am unable to recall…”


” You can’t recall as you never lived it.

You’ve taught me to stay quiet.

How can I render you solutions ?

It would be very dumb of you to talk now,

About life and it’s thuds ;

When both of us are on the verge of merging

Into the mud . ”


Is love our purest emotion..?

To, everything I love

— ” I do it for a reason. ”

My  choices vary; every

month, every season .

Maybe, we grew up together ,

Or maybe you raised me;

Those feelings are conditional ,even if

your eyes were the first who gazed me…

Deep inside in my heart ,

I somehow know it.

My love has a reason ,

only then I show it.

I wonder, why don’t I share it

expecting nothing in return .

While spreading love selflessly ,

why do our hearts burn ?

I don’t see any reason

to call this pure.

The opposite , we spread

purer , I am sure.

Hardly do we require a

reason to hate…

I wonder , what’s worse

in our fate ?




I have three faces to show…

I have three faces to show..

One is known to the world.

Analogous to them .

Formal gestures & polite words .

Thinks what they think.

Speaks what they speak .

Acts as they please.

Easy going & never frowns.

Perfectly perfect & never drowns.


I have three faces to show..

Second is known to my dear ones.

Only the close & the near ones

A little less fake; A little more real .

Smiles & frowns equally .

Sometimes angelic ; sometimes demonic .

Discloses few things .

Conceals the others. 

This one’s a little more of me, yet not me .


I have three faces to show…

Third is known only to me .

I prefer not showing this one .

It silently beholds everything out there.

The most virtuous one, I believe.

Its thoughts are more genuine .

Confident & merrier .

Frowns easily on evil deeds .

Intends to learn,fail & succeed .

Knows all my weak or strong points.

Drowns everyday, while trying to win over the other two .




Colors or no colors ?

Sometimes I think , why do I get so enchanted by vibrant and bright colors . I’m no exception though . Who doesn’t love them ? They’re beautiful ! How would the world look like , without them ?

Surprisingly , all those seven colors of a rainbow combine in the form of light to form something as colourless as white light . The same colors in the form of paints form something as dull and dark as black

Black and white are boring or maybe ugly . Aren’t they ? Not beautiful at all..

But their origin however consists of all those so called beautiful and bright colors ; Surprising again !

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder — they said ; well said 🙂 

A black gel pen on a white punched paper could do this , I never knew .



Pseudo feminism

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In the recent years , something went really wrong !

It’s high time… we’ve been solving gender equality issues , providing women their much needed rights and trying to make this world a better place to live in. We were like this close accomplishing the very crucial task of ours… But something went really wrong I guess! The word ‘ feminism’ was misunderstood . Ultimately we ended up reaching somewhere we started off . Yes the same old issue — the gender equality issue ! 😑 Just the coin flipped this time ; 

Here I’ve written something regarding this :

Claiming that their daughter didn’t know the difference between a ‘bad touch’ or a good one, they accused him; 

Little did they know about the baleful lot of beasts who could have drench him in blood, for not letting them damage a speck of her hair;

Taking a strong stand on her part, they remained indifferent to him !


They kept howling all day regarding women ’empowerment’ and what not;

Yet they blatantly called him impudent as he dared to ask her to pay off the bills; 

Taking a strong stand on her part they remained indifferent to him!


In order to woo her , a huge mansion, a luxury car and owning a factory were the requisites ;

Again as he enquired about her wealth, status or job , his modesty was in jeopardy once more ;

Taking a strong stand on her part they remained indifferent to him!

Equality, they call it . Equity , they need .

Certain special rights for her they wanted, it seemed.

In their eyes, she must have got a poor status then.

The worst part is , even she is found hating men .

May she sees it all , I pray .

And stop considering herself different anyway .

It’s time for all to realize the game .

ALMIGHTY   has created everyone the same ..!